Pallavi has also been a Spokesperson for disadvantaged groups, presented submissions before Government Committees, and positively contributed to changes to Government policy to increase access to justice.

She has served on several Boards, and currently serves on:

  • the NSW Ministerial Council for Women’s Economic Opportunity
  • the Multicultural Consultation Council of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board
  • Appointed Supporter of the Joint Federal & State Government campaign to stop Domestic or family violence (DV).

In addition, she was the first Indian Australian woman to be appointed as a People of Australia Ambassador by the Federal Government, and is a former Lifeline Counsellor

In the past, she has served as a Chair or a member of Boards in areas such as:

  • trade & investment, and business
  • education and vocational training
  • planning & development, especially related to migration
  • law
  • mental health
  • diversity, multiculturalism & social cohesion & discrimination
  • equal opportunity
  • indian Ministerial Consultative Committee

Pallavi is also trained in Indian classical & contemporary dance and has performed or hosted cultural programs at the Sydney Opera House and modelled Indian outfits for Channel 9, the NSW Art Gallery & at Darling Harbour.